Stand up comic Nik Rabinowitz grew up on a farm in Africa, climbing trees and commentating on his own rugby games in three of South Africa’s eleven official languages. He was raised on the mean, green streets of Constantia, Cape Town, a world of ride-bys, piano lessons, and unrelenting love and financial support from family members.

Despite all this hardship he has still managed to be moderately successful, sporting a list of achievements the likes of which many can only aspire to. For instance, he once posed nude. Not because anyone asked him to, he just did it. Also, he represented South Africa at the Jewish Olympics, which is like the Special Olympics, with more accountants.


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Nik Rabinowitz - Fortyfied at the Cape Town Comedy Club

Hi, Nik here.
Some of you will know that I just turned 40. If you didn’t attend my 40th because you couldn’t make it, it was amazing, you really missed out. If you didn’t attend because you weren’t invited – I apologise but you really didn’t miss anything. Ask anyone who was there.
I was recently on the verge of a midlife crisis but since the arrival of my baby daughter, I can’t seem to find the time for one. Also, I heard that 40 is the new 30 so now I’m not sure when to have the crisis, which is a crisis in itself. While I’m figuring all this out, instead of buying a Ferrari and abandoning my family, I’m putting on a new one-man show called Fortyfied.
In Fortyfied I explore a variety of subjects. There will be stories, there will be accents and – it will all be funny, which is all you really have to know.
I can tell you that historically speaking; most of you will enjoy it very much, a small minority will hate it, and yet another small minority will love it so much you’ll want to give a standing ovation but feel too awkward to do so. To the latter, I urge you to overcome your fears before attending the show, remember – standing ovations don’t start themselves.
Oh, and some of you will write me letters telling me you’re disappointed that I used swear words. Trust me, I’ve been doing this for about fifteen years now and that’s usually the way it goes.
Fortyfied. It’s a pun, or a spelling error – depending on your worldview.

Cape Town Comedy Club
2017-02-07 - 2017-01-07
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From R150.00

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