Nik Rabinowitz - Late Bloomer

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Hi, I’m 43 year old comedian Nik Rabinowitz.

Apparently we’re in a recession, but according to my brother in law the only thing that’s receding is my hair line. And my dreams of becoming a professional sportsman.

Despite this, I’ve managed to find the confidence to put on a new show, where I cover my bald spot, and a number of other things. Like how you shouldn’t get your first skateboard at 42, and what you can find out from a DNA test. Spoiler alert: It’s A LOT.

Late Bloomer is on at the Baxter Theatre from November 26, and it’s really funny.

How do I know that?

Look, I’m biased. But historically it’s gone well.

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Baxter Concert Hall, Cape Town
2019-11-26 - 2019-12-14
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From R140.00

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