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Nik Rabinowitz - Power Struggle

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My latest production “Power Struggle” is a stand up slash theatre show directed by big time New York director Daniel Kutner. Unlike my previous shows, this one actually has a point. What is that point? The history of energy over the past 350 billion years and our struggle to come to terms with what we’ve done to the planet. I know it sounds depressing but we’ve taken that depressing, stressful, 350 billion year subject and packaged it into a delightful 90 minute hot box of hilarity for your viewing pleasure. If you think ‘global warming’ is just a fancy name for summer, this show might make you think – or it won’t, I seriously don’t care, so long as you laugh at my jokes.

Baxter Theatre, Cape Town
2016-03-29 - 2016-04-16
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From R165.00

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